Dry Heat Baseball Foundation Starts Baseball Club Teams.

 Inner-city baseball has had problems in recent years with the overall quality of the game Years ago, there were youth baseball programs throughout the city, instructing players long before they reached high school. Many of those programs no longer exist.
 Dry Heat Baseball Foundation believe we can change that. We have started our Baseball Club programs. We are fielding 12U 15U and 17U baseball team mostly consisting of Inner -City Youth and  regular players wanting to play Club Baseball. Dry Heat Baseball Foundation believes that the parents should not pay thousands of dollars for their kids to play baseball. The foundation relies on grants and donations to help pay the freight for these families and kids. There is a $350.00 fee to help with Tournaments Fees and Scholarships are readily available for those kids and families that have no money.      
Our future goals are to build up inner - city youth sports programs, starting with baseball. We are in the process of looking to add Girls Softball, Girls Volleyball and Men's and Ladies Golf.

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